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Earth by Hannah Brooks-Motl

Earth by Hannah Brooks-Motl

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With patience and precision, Hannah Brooks-Motl's third collec­tion of poems, Earth, explores the grand themes of love, family, economy, and home with the skill of a true craftsman. As the measured compositions of these poems shift, so do their near-sculptural forms, and a feeling both classical and contem­porary develops as a result. At times a paean to poetry, other times a critique of it, Earth is a breakthrough collection by a poet whose ceaselessly sharp intellect continues to use poetry to gain insight into not only her own wants and needs, but ours, and those of poetry itself. 


Hannah Brooks-Motl is the author of the poetry collections The New Years (2014), M (2015), and Earth (2019). Her poems and essays have appeared in the Best American Experimental Writing, the Cambridge Literary Review, the Chicago Review, Modernism/modernity, and Tupelo Quarterly, among other places. She lives in western Massachusetts. 



Tupelo Quarterly

Poetry Foundation Staff Picks 2019

Poetry Society of America


Colorado Review

The Adroit Journal

Tourniquet Review

Cleveland Review of Books

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