Earth, by Hannah Brooks-Motl

Earth, by Hannah Brooks-Motl

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With patience and precision, Hannah Brooks-Motl's third collec­tion of poems, Earth, explores the grand themes of love, family, economy, and home with the skill of a true craftsman. As the measured compositions of these poems shift, so do their near-sculptural forms, and a feeling both classical and contem­porary develops as a result. At times a paean to poetry, other times a critique of it, Earth is a breakthrough collection by a poet whose ceaselessly sharp intellect continues to use poetry to gain insight into not only her own wants and needs, but ours, and those of poetry itself. 


Hannah Brooks-Motl is the author of the poetry collections The New Years (2014), M (2015), and Earth (2019). Her poems and essays have appeared in the Best American Experimental Writing, the Cambridge Literary Review, the Chicago Review, Modernism/modernity, and Tupelo Quarterly, among other places. She lives in western Massachusetts. 



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