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BOXER / Josh Abelow

BOXER / Josh Abelow

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Edition of 50 signed and numbered copies.

11x14 inch archival pigment print.


The artist Joshua Abelow is perhaps best known for his deceivingly simple paintings featuring stick figures, muscle-bound witches, geometric abstractions and written texts. When all added together, they somehow form a kind of metaphoric self-portrait of the artist himself - often even his own last name is emblazoned into the image - while also commenting on the state of art today.

With an economy of deft lines, Abelow has conjured up his Boxer for The Song Cave, which at least in part is inspired by his father, who was an amateur boxer as a young man…


Joshua Abelow is represented by James Fuentes gallery in New York City, and has shown at TIF SIGFRIDS, Los Angeles; BRAND NEW GALLERY, Milan; SORRY WE’RE CLOSED, Brussels; BODEGA, New York City, among others.

His publications include Painter’s Journal, Peradam Press, 2012; Art Fiction, KARMA, 2013; Relax, Arts + Leisure, 2014; and Abelow Beery, Bodega, 2014. For five years Abelow also ran the encylopedic website Art Blog Art Blog, before closing it down last year. It is currently archived on his website:


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