April by Sara Nicholson

April by Sara Nicholson

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Deadpan, heartfelt, and everything in between, Sara Nicholson is a reluctant mystic who can both make us laugh and point us toward magical truths within a single poem. Her third collection of poems, April, is filled with the perverse and the sacred, whether the subject is art, love, or sex, whether it’s ancient or contemporary. Nicholson’s interests are timeless, and by the end of April, the reader may be convinced that they've brushed up against a somewhat strange and singular poet who is inventing a new way of seeing specifically for them. 


"Sometimes I feel that I have so much to give, but no one to give it to. In reality I have nothing to give, and anyone can have it."


Sara Nicholson is the author of What the Lyric Is and The Living Method, both from The Song Cave. She lives in Boise, Idaho.


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