Songs for Schizoid Siblings, by Lionel Ziprin

Songs for Schizoid Siblings, by Lionel Ziprin

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To be published in 2017

Harry Smith, John Zorn, Jordan Belson, Thelonious Monk, Bob Dylan, Robert Frank, Bruce Conner - in fact an entire generation of New York's underground artists, musicians and filmmakers found themselves deeply influenced by the poet and jewish mystic Lionel Ziprin.

“He was larger than life and so far beyond a certain kind of description that I am bamboozled,” said Ira Cohen, a longtime friend. “He was much larger than a poet, though that’s hard for me to say, as a poet. He was one of the big secret heroes of the time.”

Introduction by Philip Smith.

Lionel Ziprin was the author of the unpublished 1,000+ page epic poem Sentencial Metaphrastic, as well as many other unpublished manuscripts including Math Glass and What This Abacus Was. Songs for Schizoid Siblings is the very first manuscript of Ziprin's work to ever be published in it's entirety. Lionel Ziprin passed away in 2009.