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RAINBOW SONNETS 20 / Anastasios Karnazes

RAINBOW SONNETS 20 / Anastasios Karnazes

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Rainbow Sonnets 20 by Anastasios Karnazes

28 pages

Published in an edition of 100

Cover by Petra Cortright



The rain is cold

The clouds are dark

The bark is damp

I see some birds

They climb the trees

And run away

The sky had sank

It gets real bad

There are no leaves

Nor on the ground

The birds had brought

The leaves with them


The trees are sick

They cry with tears

The bark more wet

It peels right off

I try to catch

But too much fell

It makes the ground

Look like a tree

The past is gone

Cut up but large

The trees all bare

It hurts to look


Anastasios Karnazes is a doctoral student in English at SUNY Albany and editor of Theaphora Editions. 

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