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THE 14x10.5” VERSION OF FAHRENHEIT #13, 2008-2013 / Eileen Quinlan

THE 14x10.5” VERSION OF FAHRENHEIT #13, 2008-2013 / Eileen Quinlan

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14x10.5 inches, archival pigment print

 Signed and numbered, in an edition of 50


 Stunningly mysterious and beautiful, the photographer Eileen Quinlan’s work is unsuspectingly straightforward. The house-of-cardlike worlds that she constructs, staged solely for her camera’s lens, prop mirrors reflecting intensely colored light, deep shadows, cloth, reflective Mylar, wisps of smoke, and especially, each other. The images created by these arrangements offer kaleidoscopic sights into indeterminate and infinite spaces.

Dodging digital media, Quinlan uses medium and large-format cameras with studio strobes to shoot the still-lifes that she sets up on her studio tabletop. There is a startling sincerity to her process. Everything that you can see in her images happened just the way that it appears, no Photoshop or behind-the-scenes slight of hand. In Quinlan’s work the wizardry is all in the setup.

The limited-edition print that Quinlan has generously donated to The Song Cave, The 14x10.5” Version of Fahrenheit #13, 2008-2013, is a reconsidered version of a larger image of hers, printed on a much more intimate scale. Looking into it is almost impossible without also analyzing the means of its construction - a game for puzzlers offering endless rewards.

Born in Boston in 1972, Eileen Quinlan has exhibited her work extensively in the US and abroad, most recently with solo shows at Sutton Lane in Brussels, Campoli Preston in London, Overduin and Kite in Los Angeles, and with Miguel Abreu Gallery in New York City. Her photographs are also held in the collections of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the Whitney Museum of American Art, among others. Ms. Quinlan currently lives in Brooklyn, NY.


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