KITKAT / Will Benedict

KITKAT / Will Benedict

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11x14 inches archival inkjet print on glossy Epson paper

Edition of 100 signed and numbered copies


Will Benedict’s works are hybrid structures that make use of everything two-dimensional art has to offer: painting, drawing, photography, and collage. This work seeks to confuse formal distinctions by questioning such aspects as image and frame, hand painting and mechanical reproduction, or the trope of ready-to-consume stock images, by shooting photos using his family and friends as his models. Will’s work often touches on themes of cultural consumption and tourism, while pitting TV news against candle-lit conversation.

For his edition for The Song Cave, Will Benedict lets a photograph of his mother eating a candy bar slip from his studio unaltered, inviting you, the viewer, to join her.

Will Benedict currently lives in Paris, France, and is represented by Bortolami Gallery in New York City, Galerie Meyer Kainer in Vienna, and Gio Marconi in Milan. Keep an eye out for two upcoming exhibitions later this year, at Overduin and Co. in Los Angeles and Ljubljana Biennial in Slovenia.


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